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10 Tips When Buying in Maui Site Unseen

Here are ten tips for buying property in Maui without visiting the island.

Are you thinking about buying a property on Maui, but you can’t find the time to make it out to the island? Today I want to go over my top 10 tips for Buying Site Unseen Maui.

  • Find a Realtor you trust. This goes for every real estate transaction, but it’s especially important when buying site-unseen. Make sure they understand what you’re looking for and that they’re familiar with the type of property you want.
  • Pick the right format. The right realtor will be familiar with every format, but make sure you both understand how you’re looking at homes. I recommend using Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, and old-school video. Whichever works best for you.
  • Ask for a video. No matter what format you decide to use, I recommend asking your realtor to shoot a video of the property. This way, you have a document you can review multiple times as you get to know the property.
  • Ask for photos. Don’t stop at just videos. Photos often reveal more details than videos do, so make sure you have access to both formats.
  • Look outside. You can’t just look inside the building. Make sure your realtor gives you visuals of the outside of the house. This means the yard, the street, the surrounding areas, and anything else that might influence your decision.

A good agent will know all these tips.

  • Ask about issues. Your realtor should know about annoyances that might not come through in a video. Road noise, pests, and other issues are hard to get a feel for sight unseen, so make sure you hire a good realtor who will inform you of any issues.
  • Sunsets and sunrises. If this issue is important to you, ask your realtor. Videos are rarely shot during these times, so ask which direction a home is facing.
  • Use Google Maps. Put in the address of the property and drive up and down the street. It’s not a perfect substitute for visiting in person, but it’s the next best thing.
  • Walkability. If you like to walk to dinner or walk around the neighborhood, you should ask your realtor how walkable the neighborhood is.
  • Find a Realtor you trust! It’s the same as the first tip, and for good reason. A good agent will already know all these tips, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any important pieces of information.

If you don’t live on the island, it’s hard to be around when the right property comes up. I’d love to be your eyes and ears on the island so that you always know when the perfect home becomes available. If I can be of any help, or if you have any questions about today’s topic, please give me a call at 808.280.2055. I am always willing to talk.

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