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Why You Need to Visit the Beautiful Beaches of Wailea Elua in Maui

We took a tour of Wailea Elua in the latest episode of “Condos, Castles & Cottages in Maui.”

In this episode of “Condos, Castles, & Cottages in Maui,” we’re taking a look at the Wailea Elua beachfront complex located in the heart of Maui, Hawaii. It’s home to 152 units that each have anywhere from one to three bedrooms inside.

It’s an older complex, and the architecture reflects that in areas; however, they recently renovated the entire area, including its properties and surrounding landscape. It’s fantastic for vacation rental homes, and people who visit always seem to come back in the future.

There are a ton of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike in Wailea Elua.

There are several rows of properties, and the prices can vary dramatically depending on how close you are to the water. Fortunately, you can still get to the beach from anywhere in the complex. The nearby pool offers a great place to relax as well, and it even offers storage for kayaks, surfboards, and more. Additionally, there’s a fitness center, kitchen area, and office at the front of the complex.

Ulua Beach is one of the nicest waterfronts in the area and is a prime location for snorkeling and swimming, thanks to its beautiful, clear water. There’s also a sidewalk that extends along the beach, allowing residents and visitors to stroll along the entire waterfront and have easy access to restaurants, recreation, and more. There’s also a golf course, tennis courts, and many other great things to enjoy.

There are a ton of opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike in Wailea Elua. If you have any questions or are thinking about buying a home in this fantastic area, feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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