Hikes and Swim Spots Around Maui

“Go hiking in the Haleakala Crater…it’s like hiking on different planet. The landscape is awesome and I love the‘quietness’in there.” -Liza

“The Venus Pool in Hana is an amazing, secluded swimming hole, complete with cliff jumping and rocks to sunbathe on. Unforgettable!” -Kenny

“Take a walk thorough the lava fields at La Perouse Bay. Wear your swim gear, you may want jump in!” -Angela

Go to Hana and stay a day or two…it is amazing! Lots of quaint and funky options on AirBnB, too. While you’re there be sure to go horseback riding on the ranch…Magical.” -Tom

“Camping at Hosmer’s Grove on Haleakala. Perfect little camping spot with tables, grills, and a short family hike.“ -Jordan

Take a drive around the “other” backside of Maui to see the beautiful West Maui Mountains.You can even stop across Mendez Ranch to Maluhia for a hike! – Angela

Bamboo Forest on the Road to Hana. Hike to the end at the Waikamoi Waterfalls-it’s awesome awesome” -Liza

“I love hiking through Makawao Forest Reserve–it’s a like a New England pine tree forest transplanted into the middle of tropical paradise” -Kenny