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10 Maui Travel Tips To Avoid Quarantine

10 TIPS on Getting to MAUI, Hawaii to avoid Quarantine, and get through the airport fast. I just returned on the 16th and it went pretty smooth, here is how we made it out of the airport in under 30 Minutes…

1.) TIP… IT ALL starts with getting the best seats on the plane that you can afford, be as close to the front of the plane as you can, we were in row 8 and we got through pretty quickly

2.) Schedule your appointment with a Hawaii trusted Covid 19 test provider find the list at  (See detail info at the end of this post) The TIP is many of these companies will only allow booking appointments 2 days in advance, but since it is computer managed stay up till midnight in the time zone the company is based in and get on the site at 12:01 on the day before your appointments become available to schedule. This will give you the best crack at getting a time that works for you, We did this with CVS and it worked great… Do not wait till the last minute tests book up fast in certain areas so be pro-active.

The State of Hawaii will ONLY accept test results from TRUSTED TESTING AND TRAVEL PARTNERS: AFC Urgent Care Portland, Bartell Drugs, Carbon Health, CityHealth Urgent Care, Color, CVS Health, Discovery Health MD, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, Vault Health and Walgreens (as of 10/16/20). More details on these partners at the end of this post
NOTE-We had some friends on the plane with non trusted partner tests and they accepted them? But that may change?

3. Get to your test on time and confirm, how long the results will take to get returned and TIP confirm they have your correct email and phone numbers.

4. After your test sign up with the Hawaii Safe travels website (you will get an email from your air carrier with the link) and get registered, the site is a bit clunky from a phone, TIP best to do it from a laptop if possible for the initial setup. If you are a returning Maui resident there is a flaw in the system that requires you to enter a departure date when you are leaving maui??? We just input a future date and a made up flight number and that worked ( I assume they will get that fixed)

5.) TIP- VERIFY… be sure to verify your email and phone number, without to be assured the site will send you the very important QR Code to your phone.

6.) Once you get your NEGATIVE results download the pdf and then upload to the Hawaii Safe Travel site…TIP, IMPORTANT also print the test results on paper and have them with you, they could not read our upload so it helped to have the printed version. Also, take a screenshot on your phone and save it to you photos.

7.) The state will send you a QR code you will to show need this immediately when you get off the plane, if you do not have it they will move you out to a holding area to help you find it…but you will now be further back in the line…TIP IMPORTANT take a screen shot of your QR code and have it in your photos as the internet is challenging right when you get off the plane because of all the people signing on. The screen shot will not require internet connection.

8.) TIP,  go to the bathroom before the plane lands if you are one of the travelers that goes straight to the restroom when you get off the plane, once you get on the ground…Trust me you want to get to the front of the line without delays.

9.) TIP, Make sure to charge your phone on the plane you will need it to get through the screening process

10.) Once you get to the screener your phone and have all your paperwork  ready for everyone in your travel group, TIP bring your entire travel party to the screener they will do all of you at the same time and give you the PINK HALL PASS to get through to luggage claim

Enjoy our beautiful island of Maui

BONUS TIP- Exude ALOHA enjoy our island with respect and grace we are all just trying to figure it out…please don’t get mad, frustrated or upset, just smile and be patient.

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