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10 Tips for Buying a Site Unseen on Maui

Tip #1: Find A Realtor You Trust

It is so important to have a great relationship with your realtor and that understands what you are looking for. While looking for a realtor, try interviewing them. Tell your realtor what you are looking for and know if they are familiar with the properties that you are interested in before you engage them. Having a good realtor is going to make a world of difference when buying a site unseen.

Tip #2: Pick The Right Format

Pick a format that you are familiar with and that your realtor is familiar with. Some formats that I recommend are Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, and old school video. It is going to be really helpful for you to have a video and record the showing. If you use Zoom, you are able to do that.

Tip #3: Ask For Video

Even if you Facetime or one of the other ones, ask your realtor to shoot a video so that you have documentation of the property. You can go in a deep dive of that video and explore the nuisances of the property over and over again.

Tip #4: Photos

Photos tend to offer more detail than videos. Ask your realtor to take pictures of all the different important parts of the property. You can zoom in on the photos and inspect the conditions of the components in the property.

Tip #5: Look Outside

Don’t just look inside but also outside like down the street. Have your realtor walk around the neighborhood and the community. Find out things like if there is road noise or if it is a condo where the garbage is.

Tip #6: Ask About Issues

Ask your realtor about things like nuisances, locational problems on the property, view impediments, and other issues. Basically things that you might not see in a video or photo.

Tip #7: Sunset/Sunrise

If the sunset or sunrise is important to you then ask your realtor where the sun sets/rises.

Tip #8: Google Maps

Enter the address into Google Maps and look what is around the property. Using the Google Car is a great way to get a better feel of the area.

Tip #9: Walkability

Are a walker? Talk to your realtor about what is in walking distance of the property.

Tip #10: Find A Realtor You Trust!

Yes this is the same as the first tip but it is that important. Making a decision with a sight unseen is going to be a lot harder if you don’t have a realtor you trust.

If you have any more questions about Maui Real Estate then reach out to me by calling 808.280.2055. I would love to be your eyes and ears on the ground.

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