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10 Tips When Buying in Maui Site Unseen

Want to know where to shop on Maui? Read this guide to find out!

A lot of people come to Maui, they go to the beach, they go surfing, they go golfing. But, there’s some people who love to come to Maui and go shopping. It’s always fun to do, take some time out of the sun and go shopping. So, here’s some places where you should check out when you’re on Maui to do some shopping.

Shops at Wailea

First place, Shops at Wailea. Really great spots, and really high-end super luxury places. Some fun, little local stores, some great boutiques, so check out The Shops at Wailea. Right up the street from The Shops at Wailea, there’s the Gateway Center. There’s the Fairway Shops. Each one of the hotels has their own little promenades of shops as well. There’s some great art shows, and they have some open air art festivals or displays at the Four Seasons where we have some cool local artists. If you love art, it’s a great spot to go to!

South Kihei| Shop on Maui

There’s a bunch of little boutique stores in south Kihei, some souvenir shops, some surf shops, some great places to pick up some fun stuff in Maui, some fun stuff from Kihei (and we love to support our local vendors).

Whaler’s Mall | 0Maui

The Whaler’s mall is amazing. They just renovated it; it’s gorgeous. It’s right on the ocean, the Kaanapali Beach Walk. But, there’s a ton of very cool shops in the Whaler’s as well. Definitely recommend that you check that out if you’re over on the west side.

Paia and Makawao

Paia, that is the coolest place. It’s very old school; shingles hanging out on the sun, off of the building, some great art galleries, some great boutiques. Great places to stop in, go walk around, grab some food. So many of those vendors are local vendors as well, so we’d love for you to support those guys. If you go up the hill from Paia, you get into Makawao; some more cool, little places. We sort of call that cowboy town, and it’s a fun spot. There’s a handful of art galleries, some great little restaurants.

Swap meets | Shop on Maui

And then lastly, there’s two swap meets on the island. If you’re souvenir hunting, or if you want some fun, unique, local artistry, artistry stuff, you should check out the swap meet at the college. Every Saturday, it runs from about nine to one, but really if you’re going, you want to get there from nine to twelve because they start shutting down. And then, there’s another swap meet up in the Cannery Mall, across the street from the Cannery Mall in the new shopping center where Barnes and Nobles used to be, right now where the ACE Hardware is. There’s a neat little swap meet there too. Lot of again, hats and souvenirs, so definitely check that stuff out.

If you’ve been thinking I don’t want to golf, I don’t want to surf. I want to shop, hope this guide helps you out. This is Tom Tezak with Wailea Realty, Windermere Real Estate. I’d love to be your resource on Maui. And if you’re thinking about buying real estate, or give me a call for that too, I can definitely help. And lastly I want to share, remember; live your life with aloha, and your life will be amazing!

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