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Exploring Wailea, Maui real estate: Your guide to finding your next home

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Imagine waking up to the gentle whisper of palm leaves swaying in the breeze, with the sun reflecting on the turquoise ocean and the scent of nature wafting through the air. This will be your daily reality when you come to live in Wailea, Maui, a world-renowned haven nestled amid the rugged beauty of Maui’s southern coast.

Known for its breathtaking beauty, world-class amenities, and exclusive ambiance, Wailea has earned its status as a coveted destination for those seeking not just a home but also a lifestyle of unparalleled luxury. More than just a stunning backdrop, Wailea combines rich Hawaiian culture with the sophisticated allure of luxury living, where lush emerald golf courses, championship tennis courts, and spas abound near the pristine beaches.

Join me, Maui Realtor Tom Tezak, as I take you through the Wailea, Maui real estate landscape, where I can offer insights to help you discover the perfect sanctuary as you search for Wailea homes for sale in this Hawaiian oasis.


Wailea’s real estate truly sets it apart. From sprawling oceanfront estates with infinity pools and private beach access to charming condos adorned with handcrafted details and breathtaking lanais, Wailea’s properties are as diverse as they are exquisite. All the Wailea luxury homes are masterpieces designed to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, capturing the essence of island life while offering the ultimate comfort and convenience.

The Wailea, Maui real estate market stands as a testament to the fusion of natural beauty and luxurious living. With all it has to offer, Wailea consistently attracts discerning home buyers looking for an exceptional lifestyle.

Prevailing trends

Wailea continues to maintain its reputation as a premium real estate destination, with a robust market driven by high-end properties. The demand for upscale residences – from lavish villas to sophisticated condominiums – remains strong, reflecting the destination’s desirability. Buyers and investors are drawn to the meticulously planned communities, each offering a unique blend of privacy, tranquility, and proximity to top-notch amenities.

The Wailea, Maui real estate market is characterized by a diverse portfolio of luxury properties and has historically maintained stability, with a consistent demand for upscale properties contributing to a strong and vibrant landscape.


    Many properties feature cutting-edge green technologies and architectural designs that harmonize with the island’s natural environment. The integration of smart home and energy-efficient features and designs has become increasingly popular, providing residents with modern conveniences while reducing their ecological footprint.


    The Wailea, Maui real estate market has witnessed an uptick in demand for oceanfront properties as buyers seek to embrace the picturesque views and soothing sounds of the Pacific. Whether it is a private villa or a luxurious condo, the proximity to the ocean. the allure of resort-style living, and access to exclusive golf courses, spas, and fine dining establishments continue to be a driving force in the market.


    Wailea boasts a high-end market, with single-family homes in this coastal paradise being sold at a median price of $4.37 million in February while luxury condos registered $2.57 million upon sale in the same month. This reflects the exclusivity and abundance of luxury properties, from oceanfront estates to opulent condominiums overlooking championship golf courses.


    Buyers are increasingly drawn to properties that allow for customization and personalization. Whether through architectural designs, interior finishes, or landscaping options, the trend leans toward creating bespoke residences that align with individual preferences and tastes.


    The demand for luxury condominiums in Wailea has been on the rise. Buyers are attracted to the convenience, amenities, and spectacular views offered by upscale condo developments. Developers continue to focus on creating high-end, well-appointed condos to meet this demand.


    With Maui being a popular tourist destination, some property owners in Wailea may choose to invest in homes to rent them out as short-term vacation rentals. Understanding local regulations and restrictions on vacation rentals is crucial, as these rules may have an impact on investment strategies. Learn more about investing in short-term rentals here.


    Given Maui’s tropical climate and unparalleled scenery, there is an ongoing trend toward homes with seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces. Properties featuring spacious lanais, private gardens, and outdoor kitchens capitalize on the island’s natural beauty.


    Some homeowners and developers are incorporating local craftmanship and artistry into the design and decor of properties. This not only supports the local community but also adds a unique, culturally rich dimension to the homes.


Coast Wailea Maui

The condo market in Wailea, Maui reflects an enticing blend of sophistication, comfort, and proximity to the island’s pristine beauty. Ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance yet opulent lifestyle, Wailea’s condominium developments cater to a diverse range of residents, from retirees looking for a peaceful retreat to young professionals drawn to the vibrant culture and amenities.

Condos offer diverse options ranging from oceanfront stunners to golf course gems. Many developments boast resort-style amenities and a strong sense of community – perfect for those seeking a social atmosphere.

Condo living in Wailea is recommended for individuals and families who prioritize convenience and luxury. Condos often appeal to those seeking a second home, vacation property, or a full-time residence surrounded by the serenity of Maui. For investors looking for reliable rental opportunities, short-term and long-term rentals are lucrative sources of income.

Below are several condo developments to check out in Wailea.

Wailea Beach Villas

  • Location: Situated on the world-famous Wailea Beach, offering breathtaking oceanfront views
  • Units: 99 luxury villas on eight buildings
  • Price range: $2 million to $15 million
  • Standout features: Custom-designed interiors, private lanais, direct beach access, and proximity to upscale shopping and dining choices
  • Amenities: Gated community, infinity-edge pool, fitness center, and concierge services

Andaz Residences

  • Location: Adjacent to the Andaz Maui Resort with direct access to Mokapu Beach
  • Units: 19 oceanfront villas
  • Price range: $4.3 million to $11 million
  • Standout features: Contemporary design, open floor plans, private plunge pools, and access to resort amenities
  • Architect: WCIT Architecture
  • Amenities: Priority access to the Andaz Maui Resort facilities, including spa and restaurants

Wailea Point

  • Location: Oceanfront development between Wailea Beach and Polo Beach
  • Units: 130 premier condo units
  • Price range: $3 million to $20 million
  • Standout features: Expansive lanais, panoramic ocean views, meticulously landscaped grounds
  • Amenities: Gated community, tennis courts, multiple pools, and easy access to Wailea’s golf courses

Ho’olei at Grand Wailea

  • Location: Adjacent to Grand Wailea Resort
  • Units: 120 two-story villas
  • Price range: $3 million to $6.5 million
  • Standout features: Private garages, elevator access, contemporary Hawaiian design
  • Amenities: Concierge services, pool with tropical landscaping, and access to Grand Wailea’s amenities

Palms at Wailea

  • Location: Near the Wailea Blue Golf Course, south end of Wailea
  • Units: 150 Mediterranean-style condos
  • Price range: $800,000 to $2 million
  • Standout features: Spacious lanais, lush landscaping, proximity to shopping and dining choices, private beach access, variety of unit layouts, may be used as vacation rentals
  • Amenities: Pool and barbecue area, tennis courts, and fitness center

Wailea Palms

Just beside Palms at Wailea is a condo complex with a similar name – Wailea Palms. While the two have similar-looking properties and luxurious features, Wailea Palms is primarily residential, offering an exclusive vibe and lots of privacy for unit owners.

La’i Loa

  • Location: Lush hillside overlooking Wailea, near Grand Wailea resort
  • Units: 75 luxury condos across 15 boutique buildings
  • Price range: $1.5 million to $3.5 million
  • Standout features: panoramic ocean views, state-of-the-art appliances, expansive lanais, private elevators in some units
  • Amenities: Pool, fitness center, barbecue pavilions, and walking paths

Keala O Wailea

  • Location: Overlooking the Wailea Blue Golf Course and the Pacific Ocean
  • Sites: Approximately 70 luxury units across seven buildings
  • Price range: $1 million to $3 million
  • Standout features: Contemporary design, expansive lanais, ocean views
  • Amenities: Pool, fitness center, and tropical landscaping


Wailea’s residential subdivisions present an exquisite array of single-family homes and home sites, each contributing to the island’s reputation for luxurious living. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these subdivisions cater to those who desire expansive residences with privacy, proximity to amenities, and panoramic views of Maui’s captivating landscapes.

These residential subdivisions are ideal for discerning buyers seeking spacious, upscale homes with a blend of privacy and community living. Families, professionals, and those who appreciate the tranquility of well-planned neighborhoods find these developments particularly appealing. These properties hold immense value and offer a legacy for families to cherish for generations.

Here are some subdivisions you may want to consider in your home search.

Wailea Golf Estates

  • Location: Adjacent to the Wailea Blue Golf Course
  • Sites: More than 60 home sites on a 30-acre development
  • Price range: $2 million to $8 million
  • Standout features: Panoramic golf course and ocean views, custom-designed luxury homes, spacious lots, private pools
  • Amenities: Gated community, proximity to Wailea’s world-class championship golf courses, and community center with pool and tennis courts

Maluhia at Wailea

  • Location: Secluded hillside location bordering the Wailea Blue Golf Course with ocean and valley views
  • Sites: 14 luxury homes
  • Price range: $8 million to $20 million
  • Standout features: Spacious lots for custom-built homes, elevated location for breathtaking views, expansive single-level living, infinity pool, and outdoor living areas
  • Amenities: Gated community and proximity to Wailea’s beaches and resorts

Wailea Highlands

  • Location: Hillside development with panoramic ocean views
  • Sites: 24 home sites
  • Price range: $2 million to $10 million
  • Standout features: Ocean and valley vistas, land landscaped lots, private infinity pools, elevated location, luxurious estates, and privacy
  • Amenities: Gated community and proximity to Wailea’s amenities and golf courses

Papali Wailea

  • Location: Northern edge of Wailea, close to Shops at Wailea
  • Units: 24 luxury residences across four buildings
  • Price range: $2.4 million to $4.6 million
  • Standout features: Sleek architectural style, private rooftop terraces, expansive living areas, and walkable access to shopping and dining
  • Amenities: Infinity pool, fitness center, yoga studio, and movie theater

Wailea Pualani Estates

  • Location: Scenic residential area close to Wailea’s beaches
  • Sites: Over 90 homes
  • Price range: $750,000 to $5 million
  • Standout features: Custom-designed homes and landscaped yards
  • Amenities: Community park, gated entrance, and easy access to shopping and dining options

Wailea Kai

  • Location: Prime location across from Keawakapu Beach, close to Shops at Wailea
  • Sites: Around 100 homes
  • Price range: $2 million to $10 million
  • Standout features: Direct beach access, well-established neighborhood, lush landscaping, and community center with pool and tennis courts
  • Amenities: Gated community, a short walk to Wailea’s resorts and shopping, and security detail

Wailea Fairway Estates

  • Location: Situated alongside the Wailea Blue Golf Course, near Shops at Wailea
  • Sites: 31 home lots
  • Price range: $2.3 million to $3.8 million
  • Standout features: Golf course views, landscaped grounds, private pools in most homes, and convenient access to shopping and dining
  • Amenities: Access to championship golf course and community center with pool and tennis courts


Owning a piece of Wailea is not just about owning a property but also about investing in a lifestyle. It’s about becoming a part of a community that cherishes the laid-back island spirit while indulging in world-class amenities and experiences. It’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature and the warmth of Aloha. Beyond the postcard-perfect visuals lies a truly incredible lifestyle waiting to be embraced.

The perks of living in Wailea extend beyond the walls of its luxury residences, encompassing a harmonious mix of island charm and refined comforts.

Stunning scenery

Residents of Wailea are treated to panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, lush greenery, and vibrant sunsets, creating an atmosphere that soothes the soul. Whether enjoying your morning coffee on the lanai or strolling along the pristine beaches, Wailea’s natural beauty becomes an integral part of your everyday life.

World-class beaches

Living in Wailea means having direct access to some of Maui’s – and even the world’s – most renowned beaches like Keawakapu Beach and Ulua Beach. From the powdery sands of Wailea Beach to the secluded coves along the coastline, you can indulge in sun-soaked days, water activities, and the therapeutic sound of waves lapping against the shore.

Exceptional golfing

If you are a golf enthusiast, great news! Wailea boasts a collection of the best golf courses designed by legends like Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw. Tee off against a backdrop of volcanic landscapes and azure waters and enjoy a challenging yet visually stunning golfing experience. You may choose from the Wailea Blue, Gold, and Emerald courses for your game.

Connecting with nature

Hiking, biking, and other nature activities await amid lush rainforests, hidden waterfalls, and breathtaking coastal trails that immerse you in the island’s natural beauty. You may also witness the awe-inspiring sight of humpback whales breaching and playing just offshore during the winter months.

Exclusive resort amenities

Resort living in Wailea means having privileged access to a myriad of amenities. From rejuvenating spa experiences like the traditional Hawaiian lomilomi massages to fine dining at award-winning restaurants and treating yourself to luxury brands and locally crafted souvenirs at the Shops at Wailea, the resort lifestyle becomes your daily life, offering a taste of indulgence just steps away from your Wailea luxury home.

Culinary excellence

Wailea’s dining scene is a culinary journey through diverse flavors and gourmet delights. From beachfront bistros to high-end restaurants, savor the array of exquisite cuisine prepared by some of Maui’s most celebrated chefs.

Active lifestyle and wellness

Wailea’s island lifestyle encourages an active and health-conscious way of living. You may engage in water activities, hiking, and yoga with Maui’s natural beauty as your backdrop, promoting physical well-being and a deep connection to the environment. The laid-back Hawaiian pace of life and luxurious amenities encourage relaxation and stress reduction.

Community spirit

The neighborhoods in Wailea foster a sense of community, where neighbors become friends and shared experiences create lasting bonds. Events, gatherings, and a welcoming atmosphere contribute to a close-knit community spirit that enhances the overall quality of life. Many residential communities boast resort-style amenities like pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, and barbecue areas, fostering a sense of connection and shared enjoyment. Wailea also has a vibrant social scene where you can connect with like-minded individuals at community events, farmers’ markets, and art galleries.

Cultural experiences

Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture through hula lessons and cultural performances, ukulele workshops and jam sessions, and visits to historic sites like Iao Valley and the Valley Isle Heritage Center.


If you are looking for a sanctuary where luxury and serenity coexist, where every day feels like a vacation, and where your investment promises not just returns but also priceless experiences, then start your search for Wailea homes for sale by working with experts in the Wailea and Makena real estate scenes.

As an expert in the Wailea and Makena real estate markets with over 30 years of experience, I, Tom Tezak, provide top-tier service to buyers and investors looking to find the perfect Wailea luxury homes that best suit their preferences and requirements. My team of passionate Wailea, Maui real estate agents and I ensure client-centric, personalized service throughout your home-buying journey.

Get started today by giving me a call at 808.746.3347 or sending an email. You can also leave a message here.

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