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Home Inspection FAQs

Beau Petrone and I answer people’s FAQs about home inspections.

Today we’ll go over more frequently asked questions about Maui real estate. I’m with Beau Petrone from A Sound Mind Home Inspection. Beau is my go-to home inspector. If you’re buying a property, get a certified home inspector.

What should people think about when they’re hiring a home inspector?
Look into who the home inspector is and what background they have. How long have they been established? Are they licensed, certified, and insured?

When you go to a house or condo to inspect it, what’s the process?
When we get on to the property, if the buyers are there with us, we want to talk to them briefly to see if there are any concerns in particular. Then we do a detailed walk-through, looking for any visual defects from the ground up.

How long does a home inspection take?
We average about a thousand square feet per hour. Most condos take about an hour and a half to two hours, while most homes are going to take at least three hours.

Once you’re done with the inspection, how often do people cancel their purchase?
Not as often as you might think, but we are sometimes known to be deal killers. However, it helps people make an educated decision on what they want to do.

If you’re buying a property, get a certified home inspector.

For a typical condo around a thousand square feet, what’s the cost?
A thousand square feet would be about $450 to $500.

How long does it typically take you to turn around your reports?
Most of our reports go out within 24 hours from the time of inspection.

Do you have any tips you want to give to buyers regarding a home inspection?
Do your due diligence as well as home, termite, and septic inspections.

For pools and septic systems, do you do all the inspections?
We’re not certified for all of them. We do pool inspections, mold testing, and thermal imaging camera inspections. If we don’t do the inspection we can recommend people who can.

You can find Beau and his team at or call them at 808.879.4166. If you have questions or you’re thinking about buying real estate in Maui, please reach out to me at 808.280.2055.

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