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Ho’olei is 120 units. It’s in Wailea, and you can do vacation rentals on it. Let’s take a deep dive and explore this amazing property.


Inside of the gates at Ho’olei, to the left is the pool, fitness center, and the hot tub. There’s an outdoor cabana area for massages. It’s really a great spot. Ho’olei is set up with four levels. So we call it first row, second row, third row, and fourth row.


What I love about this complex is every building or every unit, that is, has a garage, and the really cool part about it is not only do they each have a garage, but every unit also has a carport and an exterior storage unit. There are six units in each building. Every building is the same. Then right across the driveway on the left over here is the garage. And then you can see on the end of that, there is a storage unit and then carports. So every unit has a garage and a carport. And then there’s also overflow parking. So if you had guests, they can park right up on those landings.


Ho’olei is located right across the street from the Four Seasons, the Grand Wailea, and those beaches. It’s a matter of being right near all the restaurants in Kihei. The weather is fantastic down in Wailea versus other parts of the island. Right Behind Ho’olei is the Wailea Blue Golf Course. You can just walk across the street and you see some of the world’s best beaches and swimming and all the restaurants and shopping. It’s just a fabulous area, the Wailea area.

Ho’olei Condo Units

There are 120 units. Six per building, and then again, two units of the same style in each one of the buildings, and then they’re flipped. Looking over the tops of the buildings and the views are pretty amazing.

All the units are three bedrooms, three and a half baths. They have the master suite and a second bedroom is downstairs on the main level. And then upstairs, they have the third bedroom, living room, kitchen. Some of them have a dining room inside. Some of them use the outside lanai for the dining room, but the lanais are huge. Even the smallest lanai is really, really big. And you can see up there the second one over, that’s the small lanai, and it’s still giant.

Floor Plans

Again, there’s six units per building, and we’ll you out in front of them so we can show you the fronts. But basically when you cut them in half, the left side is three identical units as the right side. So it’s basically the largest floor plan, the smallest floor plan, and then the medium size floor plan in the middle. And then it goes the same way. The floor plans run from just over 2,500 square feet to about over 3,000 square feet, around 3,300 square feet. And as we get up onto the top row, this is really where the money shot is. There are massive views that you can see between the buildings that are just amazing, the ocean view. Some corner units have wrap around lanais that are really cool. That’s the largest floor plan.

Testimonial from Lisa, Owner at Ho’olei

“When specifically talking about the actual Ho’olei units and the property, the units are gorgeous. They’re just really high quality. It was interesting because in speaking to Tom, when we first started looking at Ho’olei, there were other properties where we hadn’t stayed, but that are also very, very nice. And it gave me a lot of reassurance when Tom said that he actually had owned a couple of places at different variety of properties and actually wanted to live at the one that was here in the Ho’olei condo. I love the two story nature of … It’s kind of a townhouse versus one flat level. The views are phenomenal. And frankly, just the quality is just really, really top notch. And then the facilities, the gym, the pool area, the landscaping, all of it is just, I don’t know. I feel like we couldn’t even stay at a resort that’s nicer than this.”


Ho’olei Condo Prices

The prices here in Ho’olei, they range from somewhere in the neighborhood right now of about $2.9 million upwards of $4 million. But that’s today. Those prices are changing. Our market is always in a mix.

For More Information on Hoolei Condo

So if you want more information about Ho’olei, please reach out to me. I’d love to tell you more about the property, the pool, the amenities, the fact that it is, in fact, vacation rentable, and they generate a lot of revenue. There’s a couple different companies that manage the vacation rentals here in Ho’olei. And I can point you in the right direction to interview those companies to find out who the best fit for you would be. Right across the street from here is the Grand Wailea and the Wailea beach, the Four Seasons. Walkable to a bunch of great restaurants.

If Ho’olei is something that you’re interested in, let me know. Reach out to me.

808.280.2055. Text or call me.

[email protected] is my email.

I would love to help you out, put you on a notification list. If you want to be kept aware of anything that’s coming on the market, we can do that too.

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