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Inspections After Going Under Contract

Here’s how you can do an inspection on a home after going under contract.

Can I inspect the property after I go under contract? The answer is absolutely! One of the best things about Hawaii home sale contracts is that they are very buyer-friendly; they provide plenty of opportunities to ensure you’re buying the right property. In the state of Hawaii, our contracts are all the same, no matter the island or area.

The inspection clause is a second, mini negotiation in the contract.

When you go under contract, you commonly have 10 to 18 days to do a property inspection. That means at least two weeks to have an inspector come, find any issues, and decide whether to cancel the contract or continue forward. Frequently, buyers will get their inspection report back, then go to the seller and say they’ll sign the inspection clause (meaning they accept it) with the agreement that the seller will make certain repairs. Sellers can say yes, no, or that they’ll make some of the proposed repairs but not all. They may also say they’ll give the buyer a credit at closing so they can make the repairs themselves.

I like to say that the inspection clause is a second, mini negotiation in the contract. As a buyer, if you want the seller to make repairs, both buyer and seller must come to an understanding by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the inspection period. After that, the buyer has accepted the home as is and has no more rights to request repairs or cancel the contract based on the inspection.

If you have further questions about inspections or real estate in general, call, text, or email us. If we can be a resource to you in any way, please let us know. Aloha from Maui!

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