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Is It The Right Time To Sell Your Maui Property?

When Buying Oceanfront property, do you buy beachfront or rockfront?

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What’s the difference?

A lot of our properties here on Maui are waterfront but there’s a difference. There’s a difference whether you can walk out of your backyard onto the beach or if you’re on a cliff or on rocks. And it’s important to know the difference on how it affects you. Some people say, “Well, beachfront’s more valuable,” or, “Rockfront’s more valuable.” Well, it depends on what is important to you. The difference here in Maui is that all waterfront, all beaches are public. So, that means that if you’re on a beach, anybody can be on the beach in front of or behind your house. Where rockfront, only some of that is public and some of it is private.


So, it’s good to know what exposure you have. People that are looking for privacy very often want to lean towards rockfront, or rock face, or cliff side properties, because it gives them more privacy. High-profile people who don’t want people in their backyard being able to look in, it’s important for them to have that privacy. Where some folks say, “I don’t care, I want to be able to walk out my backyard and be right on the beach and right in the water,” then, that’s more important as well. So, there’s not really a right answer what’s better or what’s more valuable, it’s truly what’s more valuable and what’s more important to you and your lifestyle when you’re finding and searching for your oceanfront property here on Maui.

What is important to you?

I think it’s important to sort of do some soul searching. If it’s not critical, sometimes, there’s rockfront properties that are right, a couple of steps away from the beach. Sometimes, there’s beachfront properties that are tucked away in that very popular beaches. It just makes a difference. And the key part of this is working with an agent that understands the different areas, the different locations, and the dynamics of where the impact will come for your lifestyle and what makes a difference for you.

For More Information

I hope this helps. If you’ve got more questions about buying on the ocean or waterfront properties, beachfront vs rockfront, please reach out to me at 808.280.2055. Shoot me a text, give me a call, or email me tom(at)tomtezak(dotted)com. I would love to be your resource here on the island of Maui when you’re searching for your ideal piece of paradise. And remember one last thing, live your life with aloha and your life will be amazing.

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