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The Keonekai Maui area is made up if a bunch of neighborhoods. I divide it into Keonekai North and Keonekai South because Keonekai Rd divides them. This road takes you right down to Kamaole Beach Park III, a bunch of restaurants, great walking location. There’s several different neighborhoods that make up Keonekai North and South. We’re going to talk about this great entry-level Kihei neighborhood in South Maui.

Keonekai North

Iliwai Loop

In this neighborhood on your left will be Iliwai Loop, a lot of original homes that were built in this neighborhood, they have very similar floor plans.

Kamakoi Loop

On the right side of the street we have Kamakoi Loop which has its own subdivision. And many of these are custom floor plans that were built in this neighborhood. You can see different styles and different looks. There’s a few of them that are the similar floor plans. There are association rules in this particular neighborhood but a little bit looser than maybe the Moana Estates or some of the newer developments.

The homes on the upper side of the road, they just have absolutely spectacular views, and these homes are pushing right at $2 million. In fact, I just recently closed on a home in this neighborhood, and that gives you an idea that they can go as high as 2 million. It’s based on massive ocean views, custom finishes, custom design. But then, right across the street, we’ll see that the homes are the tract homes that were built in the ’90s, a lot of them were built by Spencer Homes and they’re great houses, traditional floor plans, really easy to renovate, and some of them are a bit older and then do need a little bit of love.

Pacific Terrace

This is another rather unique neighborhood, it’s called Pacific Terrace. It’s one street long. All of the homes on this street in Keonekai North are tile roofs, and stucco exteriors. They are a little bit more stringent on their CC&Rs, but there’s no associations in any of the neighborhoods that are actively managing or charging any fees. And that’s one of the things people love about the Keonekai areas is that although some of the neighborhoods will have associations, none of them will have association fees, or dues, or required membership. Now, a lot of these associations, CC&Rs, and some of the older sections are a little bit more difficult to enforce, but in this neighborhood, there is a little bit better enforceability because of the neighborhood, the community, and the space of the ownership, and the residents that live here on this street.

Keonekai North Overview

In this area, you really need to be working with a professional who understands each little segment of the market and the dynamics of the different neighborhood. This is sort of what we’ve got in Keonekai North, a lot of great homes, and they run all over the gamut in price range in South Maui. On one street, you can park your boat in the driveway. On the street behind it, that would not be allowed. So, more ohanas, more affiliated living spaces on some of the parts of the neighborhood. And again, I just encourage you to reach out to me and let me know what you’re looking for.

Keonekai South, Maui HI


In the Keonekai South area, it’s basically the bottom of Kihei right before we hit Wailea. Wailea is right over the hill. The homes in this neighborhood are a mix of older homes, there’s a few newer homes, but most of them are the tract homes that were built in the ’80s and the ’90s here in Kihei. So, what’s cool about this area is you can get some great deals. There’s a lot of homes with ohanas, there’s a ton of homes that are beautifully renovated, and then there’s some that, well, they need renovation, so that’s a great opportunity. It runs the gamut in South Kihei. If you live in the Keonekai areas, your kids will go to the Kamali’i School which is really desirable, which is walkable from this location.


The other really nice thing is that the beaches are right below the neighborhood. We’ve got Kamaole Beach Park III, II, and I, and then if we’re going south, we’ve got the Keawakapu Beach which is right at the bottom of the Kilohana Drive which is at the end of the street. So, great area, super desirable location in Kihei, a lot of people like to be in South Kihei because of the great beaches down here, some people like to be here because of the school districts, a lot of different reasons. Homes, when they come up in this neighborhood, have been selling really quickly, a lot of demand for this area. In this neighborhood, there are some opportunities. There are also great renovated homes, and some newer homes.

For more Information

If you want more information about the Keonekai North and South neighborhoods, feel free to reach out to me. I have sold more homes in these two neighborhoods than most agents on the island, and I would love to be your resource. Just give me a call or text me at 808.280.2055 or email me, tom(at)tomtezak(dotted)com. I would love to be your Maui resource. Again, my name is Tom Tezak with Wailea Realty, Windermere Real Estate. And remember live your life with aloha and life will be amazing.

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