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Kilohana Area | Explore Maui Neighborhoods

Kilohana Area

Let’s talk about five neighborhoods that we call the Kilohana area. So we’re going to talk about the different neighborhoods and what makes them cool and unique here in South Maui.

Keawakapu Views

The first neighborhood and the oldest neighborhood in the Kilohana area is Keawakapu Views, right above Keawakapu Beach. All custom homes, a lot of single level homes. There were several lots that had height restrictions, so there’s a lot of single levels. It’s one street long, most every lot is built on, and you can see people walking to the beach because it’s that close to the Keawakapu Beach Park. There’s also some walkways through to connect to the other parts of the Kilohana subdivision. And as go up the hill, you’ll start to get ocean views from a lot of the homes on the top of the subdivision.

Keawakapu Views is 46 homesites. This neighborhood is one street called Ponana Street, and you can see, as you get up high, you’ve got some beautiful ocean views. You can walk right to the water, right to the great beach, and to the boat ramp. So all custom homes, most of them are single level, until you’ll see a couple that are two stories that are dug into the hillside. So great neighborhood, built in the late nineties, early two thousands, really well put together, small association, and they just keep the neighborhood really beautifully clean and well-manicured. Great location, great homes, and a great place to be in Maui.

Kilohana Ridge

So from here, we’re going to move on to Kilohana Ridge, another part of the Kilohana community.

Kilohana Ridge is a two street subdivision that is right up above Keawakapu Views. This neighborhood has one and two story homes, really well constructed. This is a town development complex and so you’ll see there’s about seven different floor plans. They have different exteriors that definitely give some different looks to the homes, really neat plantation style, some lava finishes, some white coral finishes. Many of them, two stories, have big lanais out on the front of the houses, or the back of the houses, that take advantage of the amazing views that you can find in this subdivision. So I’m going to take us up here, and this is, again, the top part of the subdivision and it ends in a cul-de-sac, and when we turn around, you’re going to see the amazing views that many of these homes up on the top of the development have.

There are quite a few homes in Kilohana Ridge. There’s 73 lots and they’re all built out, really neat, really well maintained. Again, just a great little community, great homeowners association. And the beach is right there, Keawakapu Beach, one of the big draws to being in South Kihei in the Kilohana community.

Kilohana Waena

From here, we’re going to go right down the road to Kilohana Waena, which is a custom home subdivision. Kilohana Waena is 31 lots, custom homes with amazing views. On the top part of the subdivision it’s single level homes and then, as you get down lower, it’s two-story homes. Some of the two story homes don’t have views, but they’re all custom, beautifully built and crafted. Some amazing builders have built homes in Kilohana Waena and there’s still an opportunity to buy a couple lots that are still available. So if you’re interested in this neighborhood, reach out and let me know. Almost every home in this development’s going to have a swimming pool, 2,500 square feet plus, and just super high-end quality finishes in this neighborhood.

One of the other cool things about Kilohana Waena, when the developer developed this subdivision, he actually built a house on the top of the development, but he bought an easement that you can walk through the sidewalk that can take you right to the access to Keawakapu Beach and so there is a path that the local residents have the right to use.

Kilohana Hema and Alii Lani Estates

After leaving Kilohana Waena, it connects to Kilohana Hema and Alii Lani Estates. The Alii Lani Estates has six homes up behind the gate. This was developed a while ago, but again, super custom homes, large spacious lots. Down to the bottom of the road is Kilohana Hema and it’s 23 lots. Again, all custom homes, most every house will have a pool, and just really beautiful configurations. And still a couple of lots available. If you were wanting to build a custom home, you may be able to find a seller that was interested in selling.

Kilohana in a Nutshell

To recap the Kilohana Area: You can walk to Keawakapu Beach. Wailea is right across the street . Kilohana Road will bring you from the highway down to the Keawakapu Beach. If you want more information about this neighborhood or any of the communities within this neighborhood, please let me know, I would be so excited to help you out. My name is Tom Tezak with Wailea Realty, Windermere Real Estate here in the most amazing island of Maui. And remember, live your life with aloha and life will be amazing. Aloha everybody.

Be sure to watch my video about Kilohana, where I’ll drive you through the neighborhoods as part of my video series: Condos, Castles, & Cottages!

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