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Living in Kihei

Want to know what it’s like living in Kihei? Kihei is where I live. It’s where I’ve been for the 21 years that I’ve been here on the island. It has been my home, and it’s for me, the perfect place in the entire world. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Where is Kihei?

Kihei is on the south side of the island of Maui, and South Maui consists of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. Those three different resort and communities that make up South Maui. And Kihei is the northernmost of this Southern community. Kihei runs about seven miles long thereabouts from North Kihei until you get down into Wailea. Now Wailea and Makena are also technically part of Kihei because everything goes by the zip code, but they’ve segregated them over time by their different resort communities and the different housing communities.

Living in Kihei


Well, we get amazing tradewinds. And the coolest thing about the tradewinds is that it blows all the mosquitoes away. So it’s really, really fun. We have really limited invasion of mosquitoes and bugs. Now we do have lots of bugs here. It is Hawaii. It is a tropical environment, but nothing that really is a nuisance. And plus the ones that are a nuisance, you get used to them anyway, they like the tropics as well.

Another great thing about Kihei and the weather is it’s sunny. I mean, it is perfectly beautiful. It’s 82 degrees nearly every single day of the year plus or minus five or six degrees. It never, almost never gets under 75, and it almost never gets over 90. When it’s 91 or 92 degrees, everybody feels like they’re melting here. It’s pretty funny, coming from the Midwest, it’s sort of like, “Oh, that’s still comfortable.” So the weather is absolutely perfect. Very little rain, maybe 12 to 15 inches of rain a year. So living in Kihei, if you want dry, warm, sunny, that’s really where you want to be.


The next thing that’s really cool about being in South Maui in Kihei, we’ve got some amazing beaches. No matter where you’re at in Kihei, you can be on Sugar Beach in North Kihei. It’s about four or five miles long. You go South and you’ve got the Kamaole Beaches. The Wailea Beaches are close by. It’s just a perfect spot. Great places in Kihei, you can go windsurfing and kite boarding. Right now they’re out here foiling. So lots of different options when it comes to beaches. And then there’s some great beaches where you can just go out and snorkel and just chill out.

Kam III Beach is really cool because they’ve got a big green park behind the beach. You go there on a Saturday morning and you’ll see people setting up their jumpy castles. And it’s a great place for people to go have baby luaus and birthday parties. A baby luau by the way, is when your baby turns one year old, you have a baby luau and that’s really, really a lot of fun and real common here in Maui.

Living in Kihei

Close To Wailea

Why is being close to Wailea a benefit of living in Kihei? Well, Wailea is one of the premier resort districts in all of the islands, and we’ve got several hotels, several restaurants, and a lot of activities that you can go and enjoy while you’re in Kihei, you just drive down the street to Wailea, go to some great restaurants, go to the Wailea Beach Walk. There’s another video that you can check out where we did the Wailea Beach Walk and explore that. So Wailea brings a lot of opportunities, and you’re not right in the middle of it.

Also, Kihei tends to be a little bit more affordable to live in. So get the benefits of Wailea, but yet still be in Kihei. Another reason living in Kihei is great is dining options, and things to do. So we have tons of restaurants in Kihei. Kihei is really a community in and of itself. It is a resort area, but there are a lot of people that live in Kihei. So if you’re looking for those off the beaten path restaurants, we have a bunch of those here in Kihei that don’t just cater to the tourists, but cater to the locals. If you want to know the good digs for dining that are the local places, reach out and let us know, we’ll post them, we’ve got some videos on them as well, but that’s another great reason to be in Kihei.

Residential Communities

So where do you live when you’re in Kihei? There’s some really fun residential communities. There’s some great neighborhoods like the Keona Chi area, there’s Moana Estates, Kilohana Ridge, there’s some other great communities, Kihei Kai, which is a neighborhood. Then, right across the street by the same builder, Ke Alii Ocean Villas, which is a neat residential condominium, very cool spot. It is right across the street from the beach. Also, there’s a lot of other neighborhoods like Hokulani Golf Villas, where I live up inside the golf course.

Additionally, there are a lot of older neighborhoods as well, where you can get definitely some neat older homes with lots of character. Everything in Kihei is close to the beach. The farthest you can possibly be from the beach is probably about six or seven blocks. One other area that’s in part of Kihei, And it’s a little bit up the hill is Maui Meadows, big half acre lots. So some great opportunities to buy a house and a cottage or an ohana. So definitely some fun places there.

Living in Kihei

Vacation Rentals

And then if you’re thinking, “Well, I just want a part-time in Kihei, but I want a place where I can do vacation rentals.” We’ve got hundreds and hundreds of vacation rentable condos that are all across on the beach, as well as across the street from the ocean in Kihei. So definitely some great opportunities there.

Living in Kihei

Close To Kahului

And lastly, we’re really close to the airport, 15 to 20 minutes away from the airport. So if you’re flying in, you can be at the airport and to your house within 20 minutes, that’s a great benefit. Great, inexpensive Uber or Lyft rides, car rentals will get you right here, right away as well. So definitely the location on the island is probably one of the best when it comes to where can I find the best beaches and get away from the airport the quickest. The other neat thing over by the airport, which is our business area is Costco, Target, Walmart, all the shopping and Home Depot is really close as well. So by being in Kihei you’re 15, 20 minutes away from the amenities that make living here a little bit easier.

For More Information

So if you want more information, you want more detailed information about living in Kihei, please reach out to me. I know it. It’s where I live. It’s where I’ve been for over 20 years. I’d love to be your resource. If you want information about real estate, or homes and properties here, by all means, give me a call, shoot me a text. We’d love to help you out with that. My phone number is 808.280.2055. Or you can email me tom(at)tomtezak(dotted)com.

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