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Maui Neighborhoods: Wailea Beach Villas

Wailea Beach Villas

Today, we will take a look at one of the most spectacular properties in Wailea, Wailea Beach Villas. They allow vacation rentals and it is just one of my favorite properties, right on Wailea Beach.

About the Grounds

One of the cool things about this complex is that it’s got under-building parking. All of the units in the penthouse building have under-building parking. So they keep our cars protected, and each one has an elevator chute that comes down from the stacks of their units.

Wailea Beach Villas has a front entrance, a front desk, concierge, and it definitely is one of the most resort-like feeling condos in all of Wailea. We really love this complex and we’ll share more about the different units and the different kind of buildings in the development.

Unit Details

In Wailea Beach Villas, there’s 98 units. 68 units in the penthouse and 38 in the Villa Suites. The Villa Suites are four-plex and six-plex, just depending on where they’re located. And they go all the way down to the waterfront.


One of the really cool things about Wailea Beach Villas is the gate that connects the Beach Villas right to the shops of Wailea. So, when you’re staying at the Beach Villas, you can just walk right through that gate and right here to four amazing restaurants, which is such a great bonus. You’ve got Tommy Bahamas, Longhi’s, Waikiki Brewing, and Ruth’s Chris, plus all the shopping in the shops for Wailea, and then another restaurant up in the top of the complex. And just great high-end shopping, great place to hang out. So Beach Villas, one of my favorite things about this besides being right at the water is you’ve got the shops of Wailea with all the activities. If you’d like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail, it’s wonderful. You can just walk over and walk back home.

Villa Suites

Down in the lower village of the Wailea Beach Villas, it’s all these really cool Villa buildings. The A and the B buildings are ocean front, and they have four units, two stories. In each one of the buildings, you’ll have two different floor plans. They range from about 2,850 to 2,950 square feet. Both of them are three bedroom, three and a half baths, and pretty spectacular. Garages for every unit in the Villa Suites. All of the ground floor units will have their own private plunge pool. So in front of each one of these Villa buildings, there are plunge pools in the front of the A and the B unit. Really quite spectacular. And as we walk right out, the sidewalk takes us right to the pool and the beach.

So this path complete connects to the entire complex from the penthouse building all the way down to the beach. Beautiful landscaping, water features through the entire complex. And really the coolest part about this complex is the fact that it’s connected right to Wailea Beach. There are beach services right at the pool. There is a quiet pool. So really spectacular and just situated right on Wailea Beach. Gated access to get into the development from the beach walk, and the beach walk is right in front of us. And then the gate takes you right out to the beach walk, which connects all of Wailea. Really spectacular part of Wailea Beach Villas ocean front complex. Just truly one of the most amazing properties in south Maui.

Penthouse Suites

Now lets talk about the Penthouse Building.
So, now we’re down in front of the penthouse building and the penthouse building has 68 units. It’s 12 stacks. And the reason it’s called the penthouse building is because every two units has a private elevator that goes up and drops. It opens up right at each individual floor, and you have to have the right key to open the elevator on your side. That’s why it’s called a penthouse building. The other cool thing about this is that there are no walkways on the front or the back of the units, so that it gives a great amount of privacy. Right in front of the Penthouse Building is the family pool.

There’s five different floor plans in this complex. There’s the end units that are around 2,500 square feet. And then all through the middle there’s two and three bedroom units that are around 2000 square feet. When we get into the end of the building, it’s almost 3000 square feet. Three bedrooms, a den. It rents out like a four bedroom and just really amazing views. Most of the units have unencumbered views from the third floor and up, and first and second floor has partial ocean views. As you wrap around, there’s a couple more unique floor plans on this side, and then the big corner units that were super popular when the building was originally released.


This was built in the early two thousands, and still is one of the most pristine properties here in Wailea. It does allow vacation rentals, and it is fee simple. The vacation rentability possibilities are huge in this particular complex. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a front concierge or front desk. There’s a concierge, there’s a fitness center, under-building parking. So, this property has a ton of amazing features. Connects right to Wailea Beach. You just follow this beach path down, and the whole property connects to the Wailea Beach and the Wailea Beach walk.

For more Information on Wailea Beach Villas

If you want more information about this property, Wailea Beach Villas, by all means, reach out to me. I’ve sold several units in this development. Absolutely love it. And I would love to be your resource and guide through the process in buying Wailea Beach Villas, If it works for you. My name is Tom Tezak. Please let me know how I can be of assistance. Just reach out to me on my cell phone, 808-280-2055. Or email me, [email protected]. I’d love to help you out. And remember, live your life with Aloha and your life will be amazing.

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