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About Polo Beach

Today we are going to talk about the Polo Beach Club in Makena, Maui. Polo Beach is situated right in the corner of Wailea. Fairmont is right behind. A lot of people think it’s part of Wailea, but in fact, it’s part of Makena. This complex is really cool. It’s one of the older buildings here in Maui. It was built before everything else in Wailea was built. And there’s a really cool picture downstairs of just the Polo Beach Club on this amazing beach, and nothing else. So it definitely is one of our original properties. All concrete construction, amazingly well built. It’s eight stories tall. There’s 71 units in the complex, and they range from just about 1,180 square feet to 1,350 square feet. All two bedrooms, two baths, several of them have been amazingly renovated.

Polo Beach

Aerial View of Polo Beach Club, Makena, Maui

Polo Beach Community

They sit right on the ocean. No beaches in Maui are private, but it almost feels like a private little beach. And then the Polo Beach sits out in front. There’s a great pool area, barbecue areas. And it’s just a great spot. Not a lot of density, no pets are allowed. So no worries about having Fido barking in the background when you’re trying to sleep. It does allow vacation rentals. If you wanted to buy the unit and use it yourself, and then put it in a vacation rental program, this property rents amazingly well as it is right on the ocean.

The other really cool thing about this complex; it’s got underbuilding parking. There’s tons of parking down below, and every unit has their own parking space. Then, there’s also some storage down underneath.


This building was built in 1982, so it does need maintenance. And they just recently did a beautiful renovation in the courtyard. They put in the new fountains, the new center court, they’ve really done a great job at maintaining this property over the years.

This is an eight story building. There is an elevator that serves all the floors, the garage and the parking area downstairs. What they did was they took out the center unit in the middle of the building, and that’s where you get the hallway. So that’s why it’s an odd number of units in this complex. We walk underneath from the elevator, just a couple of steps and boom, we are right on the beach. Fairmont Kea Lani is fairly close. Private residence over there; you’ve got this beautiful, dainty, crescent beach that is absolutely gorgeous right in front of the condo.


What I love also about this property, right over to the left, is the great ocean front pool. Trees are growing outside of the inside of the parking deck down below. And then we get over here in the back corner and it’s a great little grill area. Fire extinguisher, just in case you’re not a great griller. But a great spot to come and hang out, meet your neighbors, meet some peeps and enjoy the beach. It’s a pretty spectacular place to cook a steak. So Polo Beach is situated right at the south end of the Wailea beach walk. Although it’s not in Wailea, it’s connected.

You just walk to the end of the beach walk and you’re right at the Polo Beach parking lot. That’s where you can access the Polo Beach Club. The other cool part is you can leave from Polo Beach and walk to all the hotels right on the beach walk in Wailea. Fairmont, the Four Seasons, Grand Wailea; they’re all right there just a few steps away.

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