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Q – Is there natural gas in Maui?

A – The answer is no. Most of our cooking appliances are all utilizing electric.

Occasionally, we find homes that have propane. I have a flame to cook with. Now that is a little bit unique, though not very common in most of the homes we deal with.

The higher end homes typically have propane, liquid propane, gas. To have that, we have to have a tank out on the side of the home, the LP truck is going to fill up the tank for you.

Same thing for the gas for pool here. Now, it can be a little more expensive when you have an electric heater on your pool. Electricity on Maui can be a little bit expensive, probably somewhere around $0.40 on kilowatt per hour.

We do have liquid propane or LP, as well as bottled gas. That is available for your barbecue grills as well.

Nope, this girl is not on fire. Any more questions about Maui? Shoot me an email or give me a holler. I look forward to helping you find the perfect Maui property for you.

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