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Q – When is the best time to see whales in Maui?

A – At the end of December until March.

People ask me, “When are the whales in Maui?”

These big guys show up starting at Thanksgiving, when you might get an early sighting. But really, they start to show up in force at the end of December, January, and February. The waters are just full of them.

We call it whale soup during January and February. The whales are everywhere. It’s really cool, the whales come out on Maui to have babies and mate again.

There’s a lot of activity. A lot of whales come and when they’re looking to breed, they do what we call competition pods. They’ll be breaching and jumping up and down the water. It’s an amazing sight to have an opprotunity to see it.
If the whales interest you, come out on January, February, sometimes in March as well. You’ll get a great show.

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