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Wailea Beach Walk – The Ultimate Guide

Today we are going to explore the famous Wailea Beach walk, and I’m going to talk about all the stops along the way. I will explain the different condos, the homes, and the most amazing hotels in the world situated here on the beach walk.

Mokapu Beach & Maluhia

The North end of the beach walk starts in front of Maluhia. So this could be the beginning or the end, depending on where you park and where you walk from. Maluhia is a gated enclave of 14 single-family homes, but it’s really a condominium development. It was set up so that they could build this right here on the waterfront on the beach.

You can’t find a nicer property here in Wailea, right on the water. They actually don’t exist. These are the only ocean-front homes that you can buy on the water in Wailea. There is a beach club for Maluhia estates. All the owners have rights to use this beach club, so even the owners off the water can come down here and get access to Mokapu Beach.


Andaz is a really cool resort. It was an old resort and they were going to tear it down, so they gutted the whole place. And then all of a sudden, they stopped, and they decided to rebuild it and it became the Andaz. And the Andaz is a really high-end, gorgeous resort, over 300 rooms. Not a real big property. They also built some of these luxury villas right out front. Those are owned and some of them are sold. Some of them are owned still by the Andaz. It’s a really cool property, some great restaurants, Morimoto’s. There’s the Bumbye Beach club, which is right down at the pool. And I have to tell you, their lobster grilled cheese sandwich is decadent and to die for, with the crisscross fries. Oh, man. Definitely got to stop and check them out. They also have another restaurant up in the lobby area and it’s spectacular.

So right on the edge of the Andaz, in one of the most beautiful little areas, this green space, the views are spectacular. You will find a rock pit. This rock pit is where they cook the pig and this is called an Imu. You’ll see the banana leaves that they roll the pig in and they get these rocks really hot, and then they let it cook all day long. And that’s how they do the luau pig.

Elua & Ulua Beach

Next is Elua. There’s 152 units in this complex. There’s two swimming pools. This is the ocean-front pool. There’s storage for paddle boards and kayaks. And this is the condominiums. So you can buy a unit in here and rent it out and do vacation rentals on it. Really, a spectacular property. One of the original complexes here in Wailea in south Maui, and it sits right on one of the most beautiful beaches, the Ulua Beach. So a little different spelling, but sounds almost the same.
Elua has an ocean-front lawn and it’s private. All of these sidewalks on the Wailea Beach Walk work through and in front of all the private properties and they allow everybody to “trespass” going through these properties. So this space right here was not really developed for a long time. And then the association decided we’re going to turn this into a private space for all of our owners and our guests. So it’s really a cool spot.

One other thing to know:

The Wailea Beach walk is about 1.6 mile trek and round trip, just over three miles.

There is no loop. So if you park on one end and you walk to the other end, if you don’t have another car down there, you have to walk back. So it’s a nice three-mile jaunt here in Wailea, but I got to tell you what, it doesn’t seem like a three-mile walk, because the beauty is so incredible. It just takes your breath away.

Whale Watching

In front of the Marriott, they have a viewing scope for watching the whales. We are in a national whale sanctuary here in Wailea and out at the ocean. And during a whale season, which is usually from early December through the end of March, it’s really spectacular.

Mariott Wailea Beach Resort

Wailea Beach Marriott has about 547 rooms. You can see, it spreads a ton of oceanfront land and it’s just a really cool spot. Another cool thing about this resort is they’ve got this really cool sand sculpture pit, and so there’s always something out here. If you have a special event, like if you had a corporate event, they’ll do special sand sculptures. But there’s always a sand sculpture here and it’s just a really cool, cool place. The restaurants here, there’s a couple pools and then there’s a couple restaurants. Humble Market by Roy Yamaguchi, and then a KAPA Bar and Grill, which is also in this property. It’s just a really fun spot.

Right at the edge of the Wailea Marriott, there’s a great little coffee kiosk right at the end. And then over to the side, there’s the Wailea Beach luau grounds. So if you’re out for a walk in the evening and there’s a luau going on, you can sort of just hang out and just check it out for a few minutes or buy tickets, even better, and go have an amazing Hawaiian experience at the Wailea Beach luau.

Wailea Beach Villas

This complex is 98 condominiums, probably one of the most spectacular constructions here on the beach. It is a vacation rental property and it’s just a beautiful spot. If you want more information, we talk about Wailea Beach Villas here: Maui Neighborhoods: Wailea Beach Villas – Lifestyle Maui Real Estate Team ( But this resort and condominium just lands right onto the Wailea Beach and is connected to the Shops at Wailea.

Grand Wailea

Grand Wailea is a huge property. But one of the things that everybody absolutely loves is the wedding chapel. So there’s been talk on a couple different occasions about taking it down, building more rooms, but every time they do that, it creates this public outcry because so many people have been married in that little chapel and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s always unlocked. If you’re on the beach walking, you just need a break, you want to get out of the sun, it’s a great spot. Just walk over there. If there’s nothing happening, you can walk in and just enjoy some peace and solitude. And it is just one of the most beautiful places you’ll step into that’s manmade on the beach here in Wailea.

There are Over 770 rooms in this property. One of the largest resorts in Wailea, right on the Wailea Beach. It’s pretty spectacular. In high season, the beach will be covered in people and umbrellas. You can see amazing views. And, again, very large resort. It spans quite a bit of oceanfront. Several pools on this property. And one of the most favorite things that people have is they have slides for the kids, but they also have a grotto bar for the adults, where you can go in and you can be in pool and sit up on the bar stools. It’s pretty slick.

There’s also a couple restaurants in this resort. There’s the Botero bar, which is right down in the middle of the resort where the famous artist Botero is featured. It’s really cool to walk through the Grand Wailea, if you have a minute. If you’re staying somewhere else, just come and check out the lobby area and the shops. It’s really spectacular and worth the time and effort. At Christmas time, they do a tree lighting in the center court when you drive in. It’s absolutely spectacular. So there’s so many cool things about all of our resorts here, but the Grand Wailea here in Wailea is pretty spectacular. There’s a couple restaurants and I have to use my cheat sheet for this one, because it’s really hard to say, but it’s Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, or commonly known as Humuhumu. Great restaurant here on the resort and definitely worth the time to check it out. There’s also a little restaurant up in the pool area, Bistro Molokini, and Cafe Kula as well.

At the very south end of the Grand Wailea, this is their luau grounds right here. They have barbecue events. They have all kinds of cooking events. But mostly, their luau is right here. And then you can see over here to the side is the beach. The other thing that happens here is there’s some big corporations that will have live entertainment. Some amazing bands like Maroon 5 was here. I think Taylor Swift was here, and some other great performances that these corporations bring in for their events. Well, the beautiful part about it is that beach is public. So there’s been a lot of people who have gotten amazing concerts hanging out on that beach. But you got to know, because you got to understand who’s on it and who’s playing and it all comes through the coconut wireless. And when you live here, those are the kind of things that you find out.

Four Seasons

The Four seasons is an amazing resort. There’s two amazing restaurants, Ferraro’s and Spago. 380 rooms. Really intimate. And Four Seasons is truly known for the level of customer service that is second to none. Also right here at the Four Seasons, there’s another little beach walk cafe. So if you wanted to stop and get some sunglasses or get a muffin or a coffee, available right there for you to grab. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury, the ultimate in quality, and the ultimate in customer service, Four Seasons is a great option.

Wailea Point

Wailea Point is the condominium, but also, the point that goes furthest out into the ocean. You can see all the way down to Keawakapu Beach on one side and all the way over to Puuhoolai Cinder Cone that way. The Cinder Cone is where Little Beach and Big Beach are, so all the way down to Makena. So this is an amazing spot, spectacular views.

Wailea Point has about 120 units or so, and they’re condominiums. They allow vacation rentals, but it’s a minimum of 30 days. We’ve got a video on this, so be sure to check it out.

One of the other really cool things about the Wailea Beach walk, each one of the developments takes care of the path in front of their property. So you’ll see some of the places, they have the Hawaiian garden, coastal garden information, so as you’re walking through, take some time to enjoy it, check it all out, and learn a little bit about Hawaiian culture, Hawaii native flora and fauna. It’s just a super opportunity.

Here in Wailea Point, there are some historic remains of the Hawaiian Hales. These are the rocks that you see, and they’ve reconstructed this from the ground that you can see how they have the low walls of lava rock, and then they would build the huts up around it. So they wanted to recreate this and give a sense of how this island was hundreds of years ago, and still protect some of the history and the heritage that is on the island. Wailea Point’s done an amazing job, and just really appreciate that they do that as part of their property, and they keep it maintained and beautifully restored.

Wailea Point is a golf-cart-friendly community, so there’s golf cart parking areas at the beach access points where you would walk through the property and be able to get to the beach. Another great feature about the Point.

Fairmont Kea Lani

Right at the end of the beachwalk, at the southernmost point is the Fairmont Kea Lani. It’s a really cool spot. There are a couple great restaurants in here. The Nick’s Fishmarket, the Ko resort. These villas right here are in the front of the resort and they have it on both sides, and they’re really cool. They’re like little apartment buildings. It’s a really cool spot to be here in Wailea, on the beach, at the Fairmont Kea Lani. There are 450 rooms here. So plenty of room, and it’s just a great spot, and it has the most unique architecture here in south Maui.

Polo Beach

Right next to where the beach walk will end is also Polo Beach. So interestingly enough, Polo Beach is not part of Wailea, although people think it is. But you can learn all about it on our Condos, Castles & Cottages episode, As well as every one of the other condominium complexes. At the end of the Wailea beach walk, there’s public restrooms, little picnic tables, access to the beach, and then, there’s a large parking lot. Always seems to be room in this parking lot if you want to get to the beach walk.

Thanks a lot for joining us and remember, live your life with aloha and your life will be amazing.

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