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About Wailea Ekolu Village

Today, we’re going to check out Wailea Ekolu Village.
This Wailea Condo is situated at 10 Wailea Ekolu Drive, in the heart of Wailea. This property is really cool. It was built in 1979, so it was one of the first developments built in condominiums in Wailea.


There’s 148 units in the complex, on 18 acres. It’s probably one of the least dense properties of all of the condominiums in Wailea. In this complex there’s about 40 one-bedroom units. There are 88 two-bedroom units, and 20 two-bedroom, two and a half bath units that are townhouse style. They designed this so that you could do vacation rentals. There’s two swimming pools in the middle of the complex. There are four different entrances to come in and they’ve designed it as a low-rise cluster development, so you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other. That’s one of the beautiful things about this complex that everybody loves.


This property is so well situated in the middle of Wailea. It’s built right on the hillside coming out of Wailea and almost every unit has a really great view, even the ground floor units have some spectacular ocean views from this complex. We’re right adjacent to the Wailea Blue Golf Course, and within walking distance to so many cool amenities here in Wailea. You’ve got the village shops, the town center shops, the shops at Wailea, and the Gateway Center, all right at your door. If you want to go shopping or grab something to eat, there are plenty of options. You’ve got Akamai Coffee, Manoli’s, Matteo’s, Monkeypod, all within a walking distance from your location.

Additionally, you’re close to the highway. It is about 25 minutes to the airport, Costco, and Target, (the important things in life.) So, you can easily get what you need. Plus, you’re really in the most beautiful part of the world, in Wailea.

For More Information

Thanks for joining us in exploring Wailea Ekolu. If you want more information, then give me a call or shoot me a text at 808.280.2055. Also, you can send me an email at tom(at)tomtezak(dotted)com.

I’d love to give you more information about this property or any of the other properties here in Maui that you might be interested in. If you love this complex and you know about it, tell us what your favorite features are. And finally, remember if you live your life with Aloha, your life will be amazing.

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