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Want To Live In Makena Maui?

What’s the difference between Makena and the other parts of the island?

What I find about Makena is it’s remote. It’s rural. But it’s really not. And that’s what people love about Makena. It is just a little bit off the beaten path. It’s probably some of the most beautiful real estate in the world, and one of the most charming places you could possibly live. Makena is a mixture of old Hawaiiana and new construction. There is the the Makena Golf & Beach Resort. There’s some older Makena resorts. It is pretty amazing.

Want To Live In Makena Maui

Some of the iconic spots in Makena are Big beach, Puʻu Olai- On the other side of that cinder cone is Little Beach. And then it keeps going into Makena, over by Makena Surf in those areas.

Makena Properties For Sale

Makena real estate tends to be some of the most expensive real estate in all of the island of Maui and probably in all of the state. Currently, there’s not a lot of properties for sale in Makena, but when they come up, they do get snapped up pretty quick, because there is this unique demand for Makena property.

Want To Live In Makena Maui

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The Mystique

It really is a charming world down in Makena. The best way that I can explain it is that when I talk to people, and there is this mystique about Makena. They think about, “Oh my gosh. Makena is a very special place for me.” The way I can prove that is in all the years of selling real estate and all the people that I know that I’ve spoken to and have talked to about Maui and real estate, I’ve heard so many times, “Oh my gosh. I named my daughter Makena.” I’ve never heard anybody tell me that they named their son or daughter Kihei. It really does convey this special, spiritual part that Makena has to offer in Maui.

Want To Live In Makena Maui

It is expensive, and rightfully so. If you want more information about Makena and the unique and amazing properties that you can find in this area of Maui, please feel free to reach out to me. Give me a call at 808-280-2055, or shoot me an email, [email protected]. I would love to be your guide and your resource. I’ve sold several properties in Makena, and I truly do understand and appreciate what is so special about this marketplace. One last thing I want to say is, if you live your life with aloha, your life will be amazing.

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