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What Region should I live on Maui?

Get to Know the Six Regions on Maui

Want to know where to live on Maui? There are 6 main regions that each have their unique vibe.

South Maui

What Region should I live on Maui

South Maui is a pacific island desert with lots of beautiful trade winds. Very arid and only has about 12-20 inches of rain per year. The average daily temperature is 82 degrees. You have about 355 day of sunshine a year. South Maui has a bunch of amazing restaurants and is a resort community.

West Maui

What Region should I live on Maui

Known for its historic Front Street, it is the original resort district. It has a great community with great beaches and very sunny weather. A little hotter than other parts of the island, sometimes a little windier. With amazing airbnb condos and lots of amazing restaurants.

Central Maui

What Region should I live on Maui

Central Maui is the hub for businesses and commerce on Maui. Here you will find the hospitals, Court House, large shopping centers, and the Airport. It doesn’t have a lot of condos but a lot of housing. This is the place for people who work and live on the island.


What Region should I live on Maui

If you want a lot of land with great views, Upcountry is the place for you. There are a bunch of big spaces with lots of horses and cattle, along with local residents. It is a little cooler and has more breezes. Some parts in Haiku are more wet and some parts of Kula are more dry.


What Region should I live on Maui

Dreaming of an amazing tropical paradise? Lush rainforests, waterfalls, gardens, and flowers everywhere you go. The town of Hana is enchanting and is just like the old Hawai’i.

North Shore

What Region should I live on Maui

Are you a surfer? North Shore is known to have the best windsurfing in Hookipa with huge waves at Jaws. It has the cutest town named Paia. Spreckelsville is a cool neighborhood in the North Shore. And we can’t forget about the beautiful beaches on that side of the island.

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