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Where to eat on Maui – you DON’T need a Reservation

Where to eat on Maui when you don’t have a reservation?

I’m going to share with you where to eat on Maui- the 13 best no-reservation restaurants. And it’s the lucky number 13 when you’re unlucky to not have a reservation here in Maui.

The world of Maui right now has been really crazy busy, and you need to make reservations for a lot of the fine dining and restaurants on the island. And if you haven’t done that and you’re on your way to Maui, start doing it before you leave. If you’re here or you’re coming and you just want to know some casual, cool places to go, where you can just walk in and pick up some amazing food here on the south side of Maui, these are the restaurants that I would recommend:

1. Fabiani’s Bakery and Pizzeria

It’s over on Lipoa Avenue, just a great little spot. Great little indoor, outdoor restaurant, just a fabulous place. I love my pizza just a little bit extra crispy. You will love it too.

2. Paia Fish Market South Side

Great fish, great food, nice picnic tables outside. Walk up, wait in line. Just a great place. There’s a couple of other Paia Fish Markets on the island. The first one was guess where? Paia. And then there’s one on the west side as well.

3. Coconut’s Fish Cafe

Another fish place, but I got to tell you what. This one has the best fish tacos, not in south Kihei, not in Maui, but in my opinion, in the whole world. They are amazing, and it’s so much food. So Coconut’s Fish Cafe. They’ve got two locations in Kihei, one in the south side, one in central. Check them out.

4. Nalu’s South Shore Grill

Great spot. Nice tables inside, some tables outside. They have live entertainment on the evenings. It really is a great spot and the food is exceptional. For breakfast, they’ve got amazing chicken and biscuits.

5. Maui Brew Co.

I really like Maui Brew Co. It’s close to where I live. I can actually walk there, which is always nice when you’re going to a brew company. Probably one of the nicest outside dining areas. It’s huge from COVID, they expanded it and then they expanded it again, and it’s just a great spot. Great beer on tap. Local brewery. Great food. Super casual. Walk in, get a table. Excellent place and nice happy hour as well.

6. Thailand Cuisine

It’s been in Maui forever. It’s in the Kukui Mall, sort of tucked away on the side of the building. Great Thai food. Really cool. You can almost always walk in there, get a table, or call for carry outs. It’s just amazing food. It’s our family’s favorite Thai food restaurant on the south side.

7. 808 Deli

Guess what? I had lunch from there today. They’ve got two tables in there, always a line to get in. The food is amazing. You can call in, get your order, walk across the street to Kamaole Beach Park II and have a dinner or lunch on the beach. They have short hours, they close at 5:00, but wow. The Kula strawberry salad blows my mind every time I get it. And today I went out on the edge and I had the Porkie sandwich, a great panini. Great food at 808 Deli. Check it out.

8. Kihei Caffe

It’s on south Kihei Road, right across from the park where the whale is. Kihei Caffe, open for breakfast and lunch. Piles of food. Great breakfast. Always great. A lot of people there. Outdoor dining. Definitely check that one out.

9. Pizza Madness

This one reminds me of pizza from back home in Illinois. It’s on South Kihei Road. Big picnic tables inside, little bar, great food, great ambience inside. They’ve got some crazy decor in there, but definitely check out Pizza Madness if you’re looking for someplace to grab some great quick food.

10. Roasted Chiles Mexican Restaurant

It’s over in Azeka Plaza. It’s really authentic Mexican. Great food. You should be able to walk in there, indoor, outdoor dining, and grab yourself a table.

11. Piko Cafe

Piko Cafe has this other part of it now, too. We used to have one of my favorite restaurants, Da Kitchen. And Da Kitchen went out of business, but now they’ve just partnered with Piko Cafe. So Piko Cafe is in the Longs Drug plaza. They do breakfast and lunch, and then Da Kitchen comes in and they do dinner in the same location. So a lot of the great food, the local grinds, as we would say: Loco Moco, Kalua pork, all this just killer Hawaiian-style food. Go check them out. What I would recommend is go for lunch and then go back for dinner and it’s going to be a completely different place. What a cool opportunity.

12. Fork and Salad

For those of you that are out there that love a great salad but you want it your way, Fork and Salad is a really neat concept. You walk in, you pick your salad, you pick your dressing, you pick your protein, you pick all the parts of the salad. They do a beautiful job. Again, indoor, outdoor. You can walk in and grab meal, and it’s just a great little spot.

13. Havens Restaurant

Havens is a small To-Go restaurant. There’s nowhere to sit inside here. It’s a little bit of a funky location. It’s inside of the Shell gas station up off the highway in north Kihei. But wow, I got to tell you, GREAT smash burgers, great noodles. I was just there yesterday and I had their smash burger. Their french fries are the big crinkle cut fries, which I really like. Definitely must try Havens.

If you’re looking for a place to go and get some great food on Maui and you didn’t make a reservation, there’s some choices. These are the 13 places that we try to frequent, because we love to support our local restaurants here on the island. And we would love for you to do that too. If you have any questions about the restaurants, if you’ve got a idea what restaurants you like, by all means, let us know.

I’m Tom Tezak with Wailea Realty, Windermere Real Estate. If I can be of any help for you, just let me know. I’d love to be your Maui real estate resource and your food critic. And remember, if you live your life with aloha, your life will be amazing.

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