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Why I Love Maui

What I Love About Maui On Youtube

No Ties allowed!

Lot of people ask me what’s my favorite thing about Maui, what do I love most about Maui? There are so, so many things.

Laid Back Lifestyle

I started off with no ties allowed, and it really is. It’s that laid back, kick-back lifestyle. Honestly, I have a bunch of ties that I brought with me. I’ve never worn a tie since I’ve been here on Maui unless it was Halloween and it was for a costume. But that conveys, we get to dress in aloha shirts and shorts and slippahs. (That’s what we call flip flops.) Tip: Don’t ever call slippahs flip flops when you’re here on Maui. You’ll be toast. But anyway, so it’s really about that laid back, casual lifestyle.

We Love Maui’s Beauty

Another thing that I love about Maui is it’s absolutely beautiful, whether it’s the sunsets every night that are just spectacular, whether it’s waking up in the morning and looking out at the sunrise over Haleakalā here on the south side, if it’s the ocean that you just see as perfectly calm or there’s crazy winds that bring up amazing waves and such cool stuff. We live in this microclimate. There’s 13 microclimates here, and we have rainforests. We have deserts. We have places that are absolutely beautiful, and it’s all bought and paid for with the water that somebody provides to make things green. But it is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world. I’ve been on the other islands, and they’re nice. But quite honestly, they just don’t compare to Maui.

It’s the Golidlocks Island

Another thing that I really, really love about Maui is it’s not too big. It’s not too small. It’s not crazy busy like Oahu. We don’t have five lanes of traffic. We don’t get stuck in traffic jams. But it’s not like Kauai where they sort of roll up the streets at 7:00, and then there’s nothing much going on. Maui is just right. I call it the Goldilocks story, not too big, not too small. We’ve got great culture, we’ve got concerts, we’ve got great restaurants, we’ve got some great resorts. It’s just a perfect blend of just a little bit of this and a little bit of that makes it just perfect.

Less Traffic

Again, it’s not real big, that’s the other thing. Everything is pretty close. From where I live in Kihei, I can get to Wailea in a few minutes, I can get to about 12 different beaches in a few minutes. I can get to the hospital, to the airport, to Target, to Costco, the really important things, in about 15 or 20 minutes depending on traffic.

Speaking of traffic, for me, a traffic jam here is like four minutes, and it gets me so frustrated. It’s one of the most cool things about living on Maui is the lack of high pressure, high traffic in this community.

Activites and Hobbies

The other great things that we’ve got so many cool activities here in Maui. If you love the outdoors, there’s great surfing, there’s great hiking, there’s some amazing golf courses. One of the world champion golf tournaments is held here on Maui. We’ve got amazing beaches everywhere, great places to go and snorkel, places to cliff dive if that’s what you want.

The coolest thing, in the summertime, we’ve got just amazing fishing. In the wintertime, we’ve got the most amazing whale watching when the whales come in to calve and to hang out right off of the shore in Maui. Being able to see the whales jump is just pretty crazy awesome.

On Maui You Live Longer

A couple other things that I love about Maui … You know what’s cool, it’s proven, you’ve got a longer life expectancy when you live in Hawaii, about four years compared to the average life expectancy across the rest of the country. I think that all goes back to the lifestyle that people live here and the laid back and more casual, less stress. It is a beautiful thing.

Aloha Spirit | Why I Love Maui

Then that brings me to the aloha spirit. That’s something that is hard to really capture, but the aloha spirit is so powerful. When we moved here and I met people and they were so nice and so helpful and just gracious and excited that we were here, it made me feel so special. I always say, “Move for the weather,” but I stay for the people. That really is all about the aloha lifestyle.

Perfect Weather | Why I Love Maui

But let’s talk about the weather. It’s perfect. I mean, let me explain it. It’s perfect, like 82 degrees every single day plus or minus six degrees on the south side, on the west side. It hardly rains if you’re on the south side. But if you want to be where it rains, you can definitely get in a wetter climate. You can go to Haiku where it’s a virtual rainforest, or you can go up the hill where you can actually get chillier and cooler weather where you need to have some kind of heat source. But all those choices exist here. I know I came from the Midwest and the last thing I wanted was snow, rain, and cold weather. That’s one of the things about the weather.

The People | Why I Love Maui

Again, back to the aloha spirit, these people are the most genuine, the people who live here. I always say that I went back home when I was visiting, when I moved here and I went back home, people said, “I could never do that.” I just always would respond to that when I thought about it, it’s like, “No, you choose not to.” What that told me was that this island is filled with people who can, people with a positive mental attitude. I think that’s where some of the aloha spirit comes from, is that all the people who can’t, stay on the mainland, and all the people who can, come to Maui. I’ve coined the phrase, “Maui is like a melting pot that’s half full.” There’s such a diverse and a unique sense of culture and community here, and it’s because of the positive attitude. So, truly, that is one of my most favorite, if not my favorite, thing is the people that live here on Maui.

For More Information About Maui

If you want more information about being one of those people that lives here in Maui, if you’d like more information about our real estate, our market, places to go, other things that are really cool, just do me a favor. Give me a call at 808.280.2055. Send me a text, give me a call, or shoot me an email, tom(at)tomtezak(dotted)com.

Remember, if you live your life with aloha, your life will be amazing.

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Why I Love Maui

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